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An incredible thing happens when you trust our talented chef’s to create a chef’s choice menu or item. We get excited, inspired and sometimes even giddy that our skills as artists and talented chefs can be used… that every menu has the signature flair of the chef that created it.

Chefs choice allows us to source the freshest and most inspiring products we can get. What that means to you  is that you get the healthiest, freshest and most exciting ingredients that Ontario has to offer. We literally get them as they are picked from the farmers surrounding us or from the Toronto produce terminal each morning.

Inadvertently, your decisions allow us to support our local farmers and substantially reduces our environmental impact (think asparagus from Peru vs that field Tomato from the farm next door to our Catering shop).

Not as excited as we are about chefs choice?  Please feel free to request a written menu,  we are at your service.

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